Hi everyone!

I frequently get emails from clients about how to manage their accounts, whether that means updating credit cards or even pausing / cancelling their subscriptions. So I thought it would be helpful to have a little go-to resource for all you IRTV yogi’s out there :)

Please note that if you joined my service BEFORE I moved to the new site (eg have been a member since before November 2019) you’ll have to manage any payments or credit card info through your PayPal account. If that means you are cancelling, I’ll see the non-payment come through and will manually cancel your account on my end.

The best / easiest place to manage your account is at a laptop or desktop computer but it can also be done on your phone or tablet too! Disclaimer: I only have access to iPhones, so while I’m sure this is the same for Android phones, I cannot be certain – let me know in the comments if it does or doesn’t!

1) Go to inner-roar.tv and click browse OR go to inner-roar.vhx.tv

2) if you are on your phone, make sure your screen rotation isn’t locked and turn your phone to landscape position. On smaller screens, you will not be able to see the login option or once logged in, you won’t see your profile avatar. Depending on the kind of tablet you have, you might have to turn it to landscape as well. On a computer it will be visible right away.

Portrait Mode

Landscape Mode

2) Log into your account and click the avatar (the circle with your first initial in it, in this example it’s an ‘M’ for my good friend Mairin!), then you’ll see the drop down menu options. If you were already logged in, you’ll see the avatar as soon as you’re onto the site.

Once logged in, you’ll see the avatar in the top right corner

Click Manage Subscription (circled in red above)

3) Pick ‘Manage Subscription’ from the drop down options. It will bring you to a screen that looks like the below image. Here you have options for pausing your subscription, Cancelling you subscription, and also changing from a monthly to annual or from annual to monthly. If you want to update your billing information see the next step.

Lots of different account management options

4) To update billing info (if, for example, you have received a new credit card), click ‘BILLING’ and add your new card details.

5) Last but not least, under ‘INFO’ you can update your name and email address