3 new yoga videos hit our online studio this month.

All 3 classes are under 25 minutes (almost all of us have time for that!) and are designed with the intention to fit into your day where you need them

1) Get Up and Go

2) Shake Off The Day

3) Almost Bedtime

Get Up and Go  

A morning practice to stretch some life through our body and focus our minds for a bright and successful day.

A fluid, slow-flowing full body practice. Yoga is the nicest way to start the day!

Cranbrook Yoga Studios

Shake Off The Day! 

An all-levels Vinyasa Flow practice to shake off the day, getting you out of your head, and into your body.

Expect to move differently than normal in the class that will turn your body from the front of your mat to the back, and side to side too.

Press pause, breathe deeply and shake off the day.

Cranbrook Yoga videos online


Almost Bedtime 

A short end of the day practice to bring soft space to the body from head to toe. Staying very close to the ground we will move slowly from our seat to a table, to our belly, to a crowd favorite legs up the wall.

Setting your mat against a wall before beginning this class would be helpful.

Cranbrook Yoga videos online


Taking 20 minutes for ourselves at any point in the day we can squeeze it in can make a huge difference to our overall health and personal balance.

Join me on the mat today!