Doing yoga at home is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. The ancient practice has been shown to increase strength and flexibility, decrease stress, strengthen your immunity, and increase blood flow. Also, practicing yoga at home is excellent for privacy, self-reflection, saving money, and convenience. With all these benefits, you should be practicing today. The most important benefit is not just for these reasons, but for the mind. Did you know that doing yoga at home can help you decrease the ego-mind? This is something that everyone can benefit from. 

What is the Ego-Mind?

The ego-mind can be a bit of a complicated matter because the human mind itself is a very complicated thing. To simplify, ego in Latin is the word for “I.” The ego of the mind is our self-image or our identity. It is a collection of our thoughts, beliefs, and talents. This may sound like a good thing, and it can be when kept in check. However, the ego can also hurt us when it comes to an unhealthy belief in our own importance.  

Why Should it be Decreased?

The ego is not only making you lose touch with reality but also causes you to depend on validation for external sources (like our obsession with social media). It also creates a sense of entitlement and gives us somewhat unrealistic expectations about the world around us. This can only spell one thing: DANGER. Danger for ourselves and everyone around this. So, what should you do to decrease the danger? Yoga is the answer, my friend. 

How Does Yoga Help Decrease the Ego-Mind?

Yoga allows you to dive inside for a deep sense of self-reflection, and to restore balance in the mind and the sense of self. One of the best benefits you’ll receive when practicing yoga is the art of letting go. You let go of all that no longer serves you. Yoga also helps you practice forgiveness, inner peace, gratitude, honesty, and surrender. It restores a sense of humbleness in your mind and gives you much needed a reality check to get the ego under control. Taking the opportunity to practice yoga at home gives us the chance to shut out the external, to avoid physical comparisons with other yogis, and to focus truly on ourselves. Even 10 minutes a day and you’ll be able to decrease your ego-mind ever so slightly, and live a better life. 

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